Thursday, 30 June 2011

And we're off...

This blog has to start somewhere, so what better way than to describe myself and what I hope to achieve through this blog.

A tiny bit about me...

I'm a SQL Server consultant/contractor/dba (take your pick for today).  I first experienced SQL Server some time in the mid to late 90's writing a web based front end for a components database during a summer job whilst at university

That summer job landed me my first "real job" after university back at that company where I started out as a NT administrator.  We had a SQL Server 6.5 box that seemed to need a lot of attention from time to time and that piqued my interest in becoming a DBA.  I guess that makes me another accidental DBA originally.

Over the years I've worked in energy, financial, telecommunication and consulting companies.  Sometime amongst all those roles I moved to New Zealand (Auckland).  Most recently I've set up my own consulting company to strive out on my own.  We'll see how that goes!

I recently had the opportunity to take up the "2IC" post for the Auckland SQL Users Group - thanks Dave!  So you can catch me there (I look like that dude on the right) or feel free to drop me a line via twitter @sqlconcepts.

What I hope to achieve with this blog

In my "more than a decade" in working with SQL Server I've leveraged a lot off the community.  And in short I want to put something back there.  This blog is part of that process.

Maybe it will spark some debate from time to time, it may serve as a reference for some of my pieces of code (watch out for a "what's in my toolbox" blog article I'm pondering over)...who knows.  But if I manage to help a few people make their jobs a little easier, look at a solution another way or teach them something they simply didn't know before I'll feel I've accomplished what I want from this blog.

So what things will we be covering?  Essentially anything around SQL Server.  It'll mostly be technical covering many aspects of SQL Server such as SSAS, SSRS, SSIS etc and not just the DB engine.

I'm new to this.  Be gentle with me.

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